Stocks are a suckers game. And I'll prove it. | Rob Swanson

Stocks are a suckers game. And I’ll prove it.

Stocks are a suckers game. And I’ll prove it.

They’re for the masses of people who are willing to overpay because they don’t know how it works.

Because let me tell you how people get rich from the stock market:

Small companies get rolled up one at a time at a multiple of 3 to 5 times earnings into a suit of companies…

…that operate under one parent company that sells out to private equity at a multiple of 10 to 12 times earnings…

…that takes the company public and sells its shares to unsophisticated investors or sophisticated funds which are capitalized by money from unsophisticated investors…

…who buy stock on Wall Street at 20 times earnings.

Warren Buffet is not a stock market investor, he buys companies and SELLS them on the stock market — which is why he’s super rich.

I invest in things that I understand and can control.

My businesses
Real Estate

What are you investing in?